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Pledge and Code of Conduct

I pledge to proudly serve LPS with honour, dignity and integrity and extend these values to my Customers in accordance with the Policies and Procedures of the Company. I will:

  • Always perform my work with honesty, pride and to the best of my ability.
  • Maintain strict discipline by adhering to Policies and Procedures, acknowledging and accepting authority and applying all available working time to performing my allocated duties.
  • Treat all fellow employees, contractors, customers and members of the public with respect and dignity regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, culture, language or sexual orientation.
  • Always be professional, friendly, polite and helpful towards others regardless of my own viewpoint, work pressure or any other circumstances.
  • Respect my uniform, my workplace as well as all Company and Customer equipment and property.
  • Not make use of foul or obscene language, make derogatory remarks or part-take in the unsavory practice of name calling and indulging in rumour mongering.
  • Not participate in any criminal or unlawful activities and will report all such activities, corruption and misconduct to the appropriate authority.
  • Strive to recognize and acknowledge excellent performance and behavior in fellow employees.
  • Be proud to work for LPS.
  • Embrace and actively promote the Code of Conduct.