World Class Protection Solutions and Services


The LPS Group was established in 2001 with a vision to offer world class protection solutions and services to risk conscious and responsible clients.

Today this vision and focused services divisions are driven and managed by a dynamic and professional team dedicated to a culture of service excellence.
Our success to date can be found in what we believe is our competitive differentiators, principles and values that we continuously review and improve to serve our vision.
LPS will continue to develop in a dynamic business environment and is committed to effective and sustainable service solutions to manage and protect our partners’ interests.
The executive management of the LPS Group is a dynamic professional team who shares a common vision and is committed to a culture of service excellence.

Combined the LPS EXCO team have extensive experience in all relevant disciplines to our service profile that include but are not limited to:

  • Law enforcement and specialized investigations
  • Financial and credit management
  • Telematics services
  • Broad based service industry experience
  • International exposure and experience
LPS Group

The LPS Group, founded and built on the strength of this extensive management experience, has a thorough understanding of a dynamic business environment, the complexity of associated risks and the demand for customer-centric solutions.

LPS Group


LPS Group will continuously evolve to offer value driven and innovative service solutions to a dynamic, risk conscious and responsible market.


We are committed to efficient, sustainable and competitive risk management services, driven by a dynamic and responsive management team.

Service Differentiators

  • We value every Client as a strategic partner and recognize their individual client-centric requirements.
  • We are committed to a sustainable solution design in a dynamic business environment.
  • We ensure Superior Service Delivery and Responsiveness through a dynamic, professional and structured management team dedicated to a culture of service excellence.
  • We maintain high standards of ethics and values.
  • We retain the right to be profitable.

Lps Group Service Commitment

  • 24-Hour Management Accessibility

Management is committed to availability at all times to ensure service excellence, incident response, client liaison and support to on-site employees

  • Communication

Regular and documented client meetings to facilitate, feedback, discussion and queries on service delivery issues

  • Standard site surveys prior to contract commencement

Site surveys are performed in order to establish requirements, to make suitable recommendations in terms of potential risk areas as well as to prepare standard operating procedures where required

  • Monthly Service Reports

Comprehensive monthly service reports to allow measurement of progress with service issues, assessment of activities, determination of sufficiency in terms of terms of staff requirements etc.

  • Emergency Procedures

Assistance, recommendations and execution of emergency and evacuation procedures

  • On-site Training

On-going on-site training of deployed staff and relievers to ensure seamless rotation, succession and continuous service excellence

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